Charts of the Week – Popular Sports and Game Action

Photo take by SteelCityHobbies Since the NFL kicked off its season two weeks ago, we have an unusual situation where most professional sports leagues are playing at the same time.  The NBA, NHL, and WNBA playoffs are approaching their final stages.  College football, the NFL and MLS are playing regular season games while the MLBContinue reading “Charts of the Week – Popular Sports and Game Action”

A Vigorous and Strong Democracy?

In my last post, I examined increases in voter turnout and concluded that American democracy appeared strong and vigorous.  Critics, however, dispute this claim by comparing U.S. voter turnout to other developed countries.  The comparison typically draws a much less favorable portrait of American democracy.    So let’s consider that comparison.  Voter turnout by countryContinue reading “A Vigorous and Strong Democracy?”