Middle of the Road

Moderation – seems to be a dirty word in today’s politics. It was not always this way, think President Eisenhower.

Chart of the week ending 5/12/2023

Typically, the news media present comparisons of median household income between Whites and Blacks, or perhaps Whites and Hispanics.  In general, racial comparisons dominate media coverage.  While important, there are of course more than two groups that comprise our nation’s population.  In fact, approximately 30% of the population is neither Black nor White.  This chart,…

Promises Made, Promises Broken

Political compromises are an important feature of a well functioning political system. Our Constitution is in fact a series of compromises. But compromises require concessions and politicians often break promises in order to close the deal. This can be frustrating to voters but its crucial for agreements.

The Iron Law of Successive Elections

Will Democrats lose House seats? Of course, that’s never been in doubt. Read on and find out why a newly elected president nearly always loses House seats in midterm elections.

Elections: Engines of government power

We typically consider elections as accountability devices, the time when people can rebuke those in power and replace them with someone else. The people ultimately decide. Less understood, elections are important instruments of government power and authority. In fact the chief reason elections exist at all is because they benefit governments. This interpretation allows us…

Get on board

The message is clear: Get vaccinated! The data are clear as well. Most people are on board.


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