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Victory in November?

Lately, I have read and watched a surprising number of Democratic elites – politicians, pollsters, pundits and media folk – confidently promise victory.       The narrative goes something like this.    November marks the end of Donald Trump’s four-year reign.  Joe Biden needs only to select a running mate, receive formal nomination, and run aContinue reading “Victory in November?”

The Impact of Age

Last week, Florida released a comprehensive report that summarizes many key Covid-19 statistics – including the number of hospitalizations.[i]  Since the beginning of the pandemic, state hospitalization figures have been difficult to locate – some do not release the numbers.   Let’s take a look at some of the key findings from Florida.     FloridaContinue reading “The Impact of Age”

Is There A Silent Majority?

In the late 1960s, President Nixon popularized the term silent majority.  Nixon defined the silent majority as mainstream Americans who did not join protests against the Vietnam War nor participate in public discourse.  Preoccupied with a vocal minority, the news media overlooked the silent majority.     President Trump believes there is a silent majority asContinue reading “Is There A Silent Majority?”

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