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Young people do not vote. Why?

On July 1, 1971 the 26th Amendment passed. This lowered the voting age from 21 to 18, adding nearly 11 million potential voters to the electorate. The 1972 presidential election remains the highest ever recorded turnout for youth voters. Why?

A Vigorous and Strong Democracy?

In my last post, I examined increases in voter turnout and concluded that American democracy appeared strong and vigorous.  Critics, however, dispute this claim by comparing U.S. voter turnout to other developed countries.  The comparison typically draws a much less favorable portrait of American democracy.    So let’s consider that comparison.  Voter turnout by countryContinue reading “A Vigorous and Strong Democracy?”

Evaluating Democracy by Voter Turnout

As we edge closer to the fall elections, let’s consider this question: What will voter turnout be in November? The answer offers important clues about the quality of elections and the health of our democracy.

Victory in November?

Lately, I have read and watched a surprising number of Democratic elites – politicians, pollsters, pundits and media folk – confidently promise victory.       The narrative goes something like this.    November marks the end of Donald Trump’s four-year reign.  Joe Biden needs only to select a running mate, receive formal nomination, and run aContinue reading “Victory in November?”

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