Social Capital and Social Distancing – Part 1

Post by Alexandra Middlewood and Mark Joslyn Professor Middlewood teaches American government, political behavior and gender politics at  Wichita State University.  She recently published a paper on Gun Ownership and Women’s Political Participation.  In the classic, Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam described the decline of social capital in the United States.  He defined social capital as, “…features ofContinue reading “Social Capital and Social Distancing – Part 1”

Will Americans Rally?

A mid-January 2020 Gallup poll showed President Trump’s approval rating at a personal best of 49 percent.  Record high Republican (94%) and Independent (42%) support made it possible.  By contrast, Democrat approval was a mere 7%. Obviously, the massive 87-point gap between Republican and Democratic approval received attention.  In fact, the gap surpassed the previousContinue reading “Will Americans Rally?”